shiny.reglog 0.5.1

shiny.reglog 0.5.0

With the release of v0.5.0 there are a lot of changes in the current implementation of the RegLog system. Most of the changes were implemented to provide more customization options in implementing shiny.reglog in your ShinyApp and to widen its possibilities. At the same time I’ve strived to make the historical features still accessible, so it shouldn’t be harder to use for novice Shiny developers.

Instead of using single function to run all logic for RegLog system (as was the case in deprecated login_server) it introduces three main components: RegLogServer, two dbConnectors and two mailConnectors. Below are listed the main changes and improvements over previous release. For more details you can read two detailed vignettes: RegLogServer object: fields and methods and Creating custom RegLogConnector handlers.

To sum up, newly introduced functions/classes and their deprecated ancestors:

Deprecated without direct replacement:

shiny.reglog 0.4.2

shiny.reglog 0.4.0

shiny.reglog 0.3.0